Collection #23 Preview

Oooops, our bad for not having updated this space!! But we’re back with another smashing update for our upcoming collection!! :)

Have you seen the previews on our Facebook Page yet? We’re super loving the cheery layout we made for this collection! Specially designed to lighten up your boring days. Heh!

The thing we love about this collection is none other than the many colours! I personally feel that dressing up in gorgeous colours never fails to make you look good, unless your skin tone doesn’t match well with the colour you’re wearing. But bright colours just makes anyone look awesome and chic, don’t you feel so? It always kinda puts a glow on your face and make you feel ubberly good about yourself. Haha if you girls get what I mean! :P

So, here are my picks for this collection! :)

Edlyn Polka Dot Skater Dress

Polka Dots are just super love for me, but aside from that, just look at the skater bottom, so so so PRETTY. I like how the skater bottoms sways so nicely when you’re walking in this piece. It makes you feel feminine like, INSTANTLY! Hahaha. It can also be worn for work by throwing on a blazer, so what’s there not to love about this dress? We’re totally loving it!

Roxanne Floral Pleated Ruffles Top

Gorgeous pleats and floral prints, excellent workmanship and superb cutting. Enough said!

Candilicious Colourblock Top (Turquoise, Kelly Green)

For the bright colours lovers, how can you do without this piece?! This piece comes in Mustard and Coral Pink as well, but they will be launched the next collection. This is exactly the kind of clothes I’m referring to when I say it makes you look good without fail. Be it jeans, skirt, shorts or whatever you can think off, it matches to a tee! All colours look good in my opinion! So I’m still at a loss because I feel like keeping it in all colours! :X

Caryn Full Crotchet Blouse

Yes, this is my FAVOURITE this collection. Have been searching high and low for a statement crotchet piece and this is just THE ONE for when we saw it. I bet it will be for you as well. The crotchet pattens are just too pretty to resist, not forgetting that that workmanship is excellent too. For the brave ladies, you can choose to wear it with a bikini for the beach getaways and stand out from the crowd in this piece!

Cheery Rainbow Stripes Tank

In rainbow stripes, this piece is just nothing else but pretty!! We have a thing for rainbow coloured items because wearing it makes us feel SUPER HAPPY! Made of comfort knit, we’re sure it will become a wardrobe favourite in no time. We foresee you wearing it over and over again because this outfit can never fail. :D

Noriko Polka Dot Floral Top

Gosh I can’t elaborate just how much I love love love this piece! It was love at first sight for me and I just got to bring this in. In my favourite high neckline cutting that is always flattering and chic, this piece combines polka dots and tiny flowers so perfectly. So cute and so chic please. Hahaha. I already kept a piece for myself! Yay max!

Marilyn Reversible Bodycon Dress

Omg this dress is REVERSIBLE ok!! How fun! Best of all the cutting and the material use is soooo fabulous. I would say it can’t be love at first sight for a basic BUT this is love at first TOUCH. You girls really have got to own a piece yourself to know why we say that. The material is just too comfortable, to the extent I wish my bedsheets are made of this. Really mega love! For the conservative ladies, you wouldn’t have to wear it alone. Pair it with jeggings and throw on some knitted throwover/sleek blazers. It will be just as chic. :)

Ok and lastly, Zarane Classic Shift Dress! It was a sold out previously in Black and Pink, so we decided to bring in the white one. Don’t worry about it being sheer because it isn’t and this just awesome!

Alrights!¬†We’re really hoping you girls will love this collection as much as we do! Do show us some love over at our Facebook Page ok? There are more items up over on our Facebook Page which is just as pretty but it’s time I get back to editting the photos for the launch tomorrow. Hahaha. :D

We’ll see you at the collection! Till then!! :))

Oh yes, please feel free to spam us any questions on formspring if you have any! We’ll be more than glad to fill you in with any details or information that you want.



Collection 16: Pre-Fall Prelude Preview


Catch more preview pictures for this collection over at our Facebook!

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Collection #14 Sneaks!

Hello babes!

We’re finally launching a brand new collection after such a long hiatus and we’re really excited! First was the revamped website that spells a more cheerful layout, second was improved photos and last but not least, a NEW model!

We have taken and reviewed all the feedbacks from you girls seroiusly about how we should improve our pictures, better lighting, clearer and bigger pictures, side views etc. You name it, and we did it! We really love the photos for this new and upcoming collection and we hope you would enjoy shopping at Fashion Martini with these improvements. :)

Say hello to our new model, Michelle! She is a UK6/8 for tops and UK8 for bottoms, standing at 159cm tall. :) She is really such a pretty gem, our pleasure to be able to work with her! :)

And without further ado, SNEAKS for you girls! We have a whopping 14 designs this collection with 4 items available in 2 colours. :)

Holly Knitted Batwing Top, Comes in DUSTY ROSE and HEATHER GREY

Kaytee Cream Overlay T-Back Top, Comes in CREAM

Ashley Puff Sleeves Studded Pocket Tee, Comes in WHEAT GREY and TURQUOISE

Austine Pixie Butterfly Top, Comes in GREY

Carousel Crotchet Peter Pan Collar Dress, Comes in WHITE

Amber Candy Babydoll Top, Comes in LEMON and GRAPEFRUIT

Flynn Lace Sleeves Tee, Comes in NUDE

Laurent Colourblock Knitted Pullover, Comes in GREEN/WHITE/GREY combination

Edith 3/4 Chinos Pants, Comes in SIZE S and SIZE M

Xandrea Rope Drape Toga Dress, Comes in BLACK

Maya Stripes Shrug

Zephryl High Collared Dropwaist Dress, Comes in GREY

Aerial Embroidery Dropwaist Top, Comes in WHITE and CORAL

Mavern Oriental Lace Top, Comes in BLACK

If you have any enquiries regarding the items, you may ask away on our Facebook preview for collection #14! Alternatively, you may email us at but do expect slower replies!

Lastly, with the GSS fever going on, how could we not have any promotion for you girls! :D For this collection, enjoy $1 off each item and $5 off 3 items and above when you carry out the following steps:

Step 1: Like us on Facebook HERE!
Step 2: “LIKE” and “SHARE” our launch link when it is up on 7 July 2011 at 5pm! We will post it on facebook once our collection is launched.
Step 3: Indicate you actual FB account name when you place your order so that we can check.
Step 4: Look forward to receiving your invoice with the discounted price! Voila! :)

See you girls during the launch at 5pm on 7 July 2011, Thursday! :)