Haze Haze, Blow Away.

Am so glad that the haze seems better these 2 days.
I have been rather upset over the haze issue
due to the inconsiderate comments and snide remarks I’ve been hearing,
be it over the haze or the purchasing/wearing of masks.

No doubt the haze doesn’t kill you immediately,
nor cause major illnesses instantly,
but it is an undeniable fact that the haze is hazardous and will have aftermaths.
Hence, I don’t see anything wrong with people queueing up to purchase N95 masks for personal health reasons or for their loved ones.
It is about taking good care and loving yourself and your loved ones.
I don’t understand why there are people who label people who love themselves as:
“crazy”, “kiasi” and “lame”
Isn’t it unnecessary?

One of the most nasty comment I’ve came across:
“HAHA, I’m so going to laugh at the ones who bought the N95 masks and then the haze goes away and it becomes useless.”
I. just. don’t. know. what. to say.
Le sighs.

I sincerely hope the haze goes away soon.
But meanwhile, despite the improved haze conditions,
please continue take the necessary  steps  and take care of yourself . :)

Unhappy haze aside,
let me just share with you these travel magazine a lovely customer sent me!
Lonely Planet Magazine Asia.

May/June 2013 Issue.

I also receive Sept/Oct 2012 Issue.
They were really great reads,
featuring lots of handy travel information and beautiful places to visit!
I especially love the sections on “Easy Trips” as they recommend places that makes awesome short trips,
definitely something great for people like me as I could hardly get away from work.
Haha. Suddenly the list of places I wish to visit just became longer. :O
Every flip of pages reveals beautiful pictures of places around the world,
and they sure feed my wanderlust even though I’m not physically there. :)
Thank you Natalie (if you’re reading this), for the magazines and for the recommended reads!
I really love them!

Saturday was spent running some errands and preparing for the SALE post today!
If you haven’t shopped yet, you can grab some great deals here!

Halfway through the errands, my attention diverted when I passed by Uniqlo.
And of course, I didn’t leave empty handed.

My Hello Kitty Tee, with the ubberly cute Hello Kitty Uniqlo Paper Bag.
This design was the last piece on the shelf, and it was my ideal kind of Hello Kitty top.
Subtle, with just the face. :)
Oh, in case you’re pondering, yes I’m a Hello Kitty fan!

This is my laptop’s wallpaper and iPhone’s wallpaper.
And the matching Hello Kitty tee really completes it.
So insanely happy with my buy. :)

Dinner was at Poulet, Vivocity.
The boy ordered their Rotisserie Half Chicken with Cranberry Sauce, while I had mine with Mushroom Sauce.

My Rotisserie Half Chicken in a bed of Mushroom Sauce.
The chicken was quite tender but not juicy somehow and the Mushroom Sauce was a tad too sweet for my liking.
The boy found the Cranberry Sauce one pretty good though and worth a try.

We order mushroom soup to share as well but I forgot to snap a picture of it as I was too excited to dig in.
Haha, and I must say the mushroom soup is really good.
It tasted different from all the mushroom soups I’ve had before,
there is so much mushrooms and the cream wasn’t too overpowering nor too thin.
I think it looks really yummy as well because we overheard the table next to us ordering a bowl to try after commenting on how good the soup looks.
Oh, and they actually already requested for bill before ordering the soup.
Haha. Do give it a try if you’re there!


1 HarbourFront Walk #01-175/176/177
Singapore 098585
Tel: (+65) 6376 9087
11.30am to 10pm, Monday to Sunday

Have a great week ahead! :D


Hello there, I’m Karen!

Hello there!

Karen speaking. *waves*

After much contemplation, I’ve decided to begin my attempt at blogging.  I’ve lost touch with blogging for years as I can barely keep up with maintaining one, but I’ll give it one more try. So do pardon me if  my posts ever get too boring, heh, I’ll do my best!

Since this is my first blog post, let me put up a disclaimer.

I’m a very very long-winded person.

Haha. All my friends can attest to that, and they always wonder why I can’t keep things short and sweet.  I guess it sometimes get so bad that they drift off halfway listening to my stories, but I’m never too tired to continue till the end. That’s just how I am! Some would probably have noticed from Formspring, ask.fm, or through emails I send. Hence, if I ever get too long-winded in my blog posts, I apologise first hand. Ok, I better stop here before it goes on. :)

For the ones who have always been curious about the “Karen” behind the emails and basically almost everything about Fashion Martini, yes, I’m the sole owner of Fashion Martini. Fashion Martini is my baby, started in year 2009, 4 years back. Due to hectic school load, Fashion Martini went on a hiatus for a long long time, until last year when I’ve decided to bring Fashion Martini back in full force. :)

It has been a year since Fashion Martini begin in full force, and I just want to extend my thanks to every single ladies who has stick by and support us since the very beginning. It won’t have been possible without you ladies. :) And thank you for the 4K likes on our Facebook Fan Page (for that, we’ve something lined up for you!)

Moving forward, Fashion Martini is coming up with our manufactured line soon! We’ve already launched 2 manufactured items a while back, in Collection 55 and Collection 59, 2 lovely rompers which I personally can’t keep my hands off, if you can’t remember, let me refresh your memory. :)

Deborah Casual Floral Romper

Joaquin Floral Racer Romper

No doubt Deborah Romper is a remake of our hot-selling romper, but hand picking the fabric for the remake sure was a happy moment for me. :) Joaquin Romper was designed from scratch as I have a thing for anything racer cut in shoulder line. I actually rejected 3 samples prior to the final one (talk about being fussy haha), just to make sure the cutting was perfect.  And based on customers’ feedbacks, I’m really delighted to know that the romper has been an awesome purchase for them. :)

If you are following us on instagram/facebook, you would have known that I did some fabric shopping for our upcoming manufactured lined! I can’t put down in words how happy fabric shopping is, the pretty fabrics (especially florals) chase away any blues literally. Maybe it works just for me (please tell me if you’re the same), haha, I actually visit Spotlight when I visit Plaza Sing to browse the fabrics there for little perks occasionally. #cheapthrillslikethismakesmehappy

So yeaps, remember to stay tuned for our manufactured line!! :)

Enough of Fashion Martini for now! Here is just a snapshot of something I just had on Monday afternoon!

Shiok Maki! – I think this maki needs no introduction as it has been viral on instagram since quite a while back and have since shot to fame. :) Have found this hidden gem a few years back due to a friend’s introduction, but due to the long queues and renovation, I haven’t been back for close to half a year or more! So I’m really glad that I got my Shiok Maki fix finally! Though I have to admit that I was quite disappointed because the Maki has shrunk in size (by quite alot) since the very first time I had it 2 years ago. But, that doesn’t change the fact that it is really shiok, heh!

Koh Grill and Sushi Bar

435 Orchard Road
#04-21 Wisma Atria Shopping Centre
Tel: +65 9180 3805
Daily: 11.30am – 10.30pm

That’s all for now, till next time! :)
I hope it won’t be too long! :X